7 Myths About Getting Your Music into Film, TV Shows, and Video Games
DATE: FRIDAY, Mar 12th
 In this FREE live 60 minute online training, Ari Herstand and the "king of sync" Vo Williams will be debunking some of the myths of sync licensing on film, TV, and video games and taking questions.
Here's what we'll cover...
  • ​How Independent Artists Can Get Their Music Synced
  • ​The license fees you can earn for getting your music placed
  • The price breakdown for various sync opportunities
  • ​The kinds of music that work best in TV, Film, Video Games, and Commercials
  • ​How the sync licensing industry is thriving during COVID
  • ​and more!
Join Ari Herstand, author of How to Make It in the New Music Business, and the "king of sync" Vo Williams for a training on the 7 Myths Of Getting Your Music Into Film, TV Shows, and Video Games.